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Areas of Expertise:
Commercial and Business Law, International Contracts, Family and Civil Law

Professional Experience:
Liliana Lucente has advised companies on contractual matters, providing indispensible advice to Argentinean companies and guiding them on issues related to the successful operation of the company.  She has established corporations, handling issues such as the drawing up the articles of incorporation, the granting and revocation power of attorney, and the drafting and negotiation of national and international contracts.

In the area of civil law, she has participated in the full range of inheritance proceedings (wills, donations, the transfer of inheritance rights, the division of inheritance, advancements, and other matters related to inheritance law), drawing up and negotiating many kinds of contracts (leases, service contracts, agreements and deeds of all types), evictions and property claims, foreclosures, pledges, rentals, expenses, etc.

In the area of family law, she provides essential guidance, handling contested and uncontested divorces, the dissolution of marriages, the allocation of marital property, child support, custody and visitation schedules, guardianships and guardian oversight.

• Consortium Administration and Advising
(Public College of Attorneys, Graduate Studies, March 2012 to now)
• Advanced International Course in Commercial and Business Law
(University of Social and Business Sciences, 2007)
• Methods of Payment in International Commerce
(Association of Importers of the Republic of Argentina, 2006)
• Damages in Family Law
(CPACF, Graduate Studies, 2001)
• Consumer Law
(CPACF, Graduate Studies, 2000)
• New Business Contracts
(CPACF, Graduate Studies, 2000)
• Foreign Trade for Lawyers
(University of Buenos Aires, Graduate Studies, 1998)
• Legal and Accounting Aspects of the New Bankruptcy Law
(Argentina Business University, 1997)
• Child Custody
(University of Buenos Aires, 1996)
• Legal Regulations Regarding Paternity
(University of Buenos Aires, 1996)
• Divorce due to De Facto Separation
(University of Buenos Aires, 1996)
• Fundamental and Procedural Aspects of Child Support
(University of Buenos Aires, 1996)

Work Experience:
For years, Dr. Lucente has worked as a teaching assistant in the Procedural and Professional Practice Department of the School of Law and Social Science in the University of Buenos Aires (1996-2003, Resolution 4513/96).  She worked as a senior attorney in legal practices in Buenos Aires from 1995 to 2005. She has practiced independently from 2006 to today.

Languages: Spanish, English (First Certificate in English, Cambridge University) and Italian (Dante Alighieri Institute of Buenos Aires

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